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Slimming Thermo Vest



Revolutionary slimming body shaper can enhance your life style!

There are many ways you can try to get rid of excess fat. Some days we have no time for gym and feel terribly guilty, other times we are so tired we could not be bothered to exercise. Either way we can always achieve great results applying technology to shape our muscles and burn fat.

Made using layers of neoprene material, this revolutionary apparel act as a thermo regulator, keeping the sweat inside with the outer layer always dry. Thus, burning fat while you are sweating or working out at the gym.

The idea behind such a dynamic thermo outfit is to reverse one’s own body temperature, using technologically designed to aid physical exercises and getting better results from workouts. Practical and lightweight, can be worn anywhere as a trendy abs sculptor.

How neoprene body slimmer works on your body

It feels like a portable workout anywhere you go. Anti-allergic material and hospital grade neoprene vests are available on various sizes, from small to 3 extra large.

Three layers increase body temperature and sweat. The closest to the skin is wet, and the outer completely dry, leaving your body slim and leaner without much effort and physical endurance.

Easy to wear, just combine with your workout gear and be fashionable at the gym, or rather practicing long walks or jogging outdoors. No side effects!

However, we suggest you see a doctor if there is any preexisting condition or health problems. Also for pregnant women, seek medical advice before wearing our slimming vest.

We aim to offer you the best quality material in order to make your life easier. We will be successful only when you order your vest from our range of sizes and colors to suit the most demanding tastes.

Take advantage of our special offers with discounts of up to 60% and free shipping anywhere in the world. Easy returns policy and guarantee of satisfaction.